About Gil Gildner

I cofounded Discosloth, a search marketing firm, with my wife Anya.

I also write extensively. Although I did publish a terrible novel in 2006, I published a better nonfiction book about travel in 2015. I also have an unpopular blog.

I also run a few software projects like VinylSwap.org, a free trading platform for vinyl record enthusiasts, or CultCelebrities.com, a repository of cult classic B-movies and B-list actors from the 80s.

Before entering the internet, I freelanced for NGOs, filming fundraising videos, taking photos, wearing hazmat suits, and riding beat-up African motorcycles. I've eaten wildebeest, Ugandan turkey eggs, buffalo chai, and worse.

I've been to 43 countries. I like Pabst Blue Ribbon, black coffee, and Talisker. I am trying to learn Russian.

Thank you - that's about it!