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The latest album from Tegan & Sara, Heartthrob, hit this week, and along with it was a wave of typical criticism that they’d sold out to the man. Oops. I think that’s just code for “the songs sound catchy” because as far as I’m concerned this is the best T&S album yet.

It’s actually one of those few albums where it’s difficult for me to find my favorite. It’s a very even album: from front to back it’s consistently satisfying and none of the songs are easily skippable. But after literally listening to it twenty times or so, I think Goodbye, Goodbye┬áis one of the best songs off the album and, oddly, one of the ones that reminds me the most of older T&S stuff.

There’s an awful lot of good ones, though. Closer is the single (and decent) and I Was A Fool is pretty good as well.

Goodbye, Goodbye – Tegan & Sara

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