Announcing Discosloth, data-driven search marketing

March 18th, 2017

I’m excited to announce something really exciting.

An internet career wasn’t intentional. At fifteen, I accidentally got my first gig building a janky HTML website for $1300, back when being a webmaster was still a viable career.

Thirteen years later, the internet is still here. And through some periods of starvation alternating with windfalls, forty countries, a few worn-out pairs of Vans, good jobs, bad jobs, I’m somehow still here too.

I met Anya last year, and because it’s always wise to make multiple life decisions at once, we decided to quit our jobs, start a company, and get married all in the same year.

We started Discosloth because we were tired of hearing jargon while seeing no results. It’s so easy for those in the digital world to throw around a lot of buzzwords & processes and never actually do what marketing is supposed to do: make people more money.

Corporate inefficiency, along with all the spreadsheets and processes and bullshit tedium, is exactly what we’re not. So we’ve based our entire workflow around providing clients with what they want: more money.

Marketing consulting is not a glamorous niche. We provide paid advertising management and the transparent reporting we think clients deserve. It’s actually pretty boring. But, since Anya is smarter than I am, we’ve already seen what I consider totally unexpected success in our launch.

We’re currently onboarding new clients. If your company needs help squeezing the maximum ROI out of your online advertising campaigns, give us a holler.