Depth perception

September 20th, 2013

Sometimes I wonder about depth perception. Not mine. It works well. I wonder about other people's depth perception...those in hulking SUVs pulling out in front of me, or those in a hulking pair of sweatpants waddling through a narrow aisle, or those standing in the middle of the road while my 3,900 lb car hurtles towards them at 55 mph.

Darwinism, you know.

The other day, I was driving back from Dallas and I stopped at a Love's truck stop to fill up my car's tank with diesel and fill up my personal tank with Fritos and bean dip (sorry substitute for Sunday supper, I know). I went in to lose some liquid weight and grab the Fritos, and coming out I noticed a hulking person getting into the car next to mine. She was in scrubs and she'd hit the side of my car with the door of her blue Nissan. I walked past her car to mine, Fritos in hand, staring at her as she sat down in her seat.

The Nissan rocked up and down with her weight, and her door scraped up and down against the side of my car.

I stood, Fritos in hand, unlocking my door, staring at her over the top of my car. She stared right back at me and guiltily shut the door. I continued watching her as she backed up slowly, and then rolled her window down a few inches.

She looked at me and opened her mouth as if to say something, then after a few tense seconds of mutual stare, she closed her mouth and rolled her window up and drove off.

In retrospect, maybe her depth perception was just fine.

In other news, though, Dallas was better than I expected. Even though there's a dozen and a half things about Texas I don't like (mostly Texans) I'm going to have to admit that it's got a lot of things going right for it. No state income tax. Higher speed limits. More stuff. Really good food.

Tegan & Sara were spectacular. Perhaps a better word would be "fabulous" because they're, you know, lesbians, but they were still pretty darn good. I've had two T&S albums on repeat this entire year, so this was a well-needed finale to my obsession. I haven't listened to them yet since then, so it's working so far.

We bailed on the concert a few songs after Fun appeared on stage (maybe it's just my perception, but I couldn't see any depth).

In the end Darwinism gets the upper hand, I suppose.