Ho Hey is the worst song ever recorded

March 15th, 2013

I'm heading to Memphis tomorrow. It usually takes 2 hours. I can make it in one and a half. The secret is to crawl at 35 mph through the various corrupt municipalities (Parkin, Earle, McCrory), and floor it to a good 65+ in the long empty stretches. During my trip to India, I spent the entire two weeks listening to Tegan & Sara and Taken by Trees. I actually listened to two entire T&S albums today as I worked. Normally music kicks last a week or so with me, but I've been buying more and more Tegan & Sara in order to feed my inordinate desire for indie girl pop. I'm pretty much through with Taken by Trees, though it served me well in India because of it's Eastern feel and marimba sounds. All that to say, I won't be listening to Tegan & Sara tomorrow because I'm making myself not. I'm going to make a few business calls and then take time to listen to the 2009 Kimbra album which I never got around to listening to, even though it's supposed to be fairly ok.

Also, I hate the Lumineers and specifically I hate the song Ho Hey by the Lumineers.

It's the worst song to hit the airwaves, ever. Even worse thanĀ Santa Baby.

If you know someone listening to Ho Hey, go pull The Atlantic from their hands and take their tortoiseshell-framed Warby Parker glasses from their eyes and smack them squarely in the forehead. Tell them to leave off the affected hipster vibes and go listen to something good for a change.

Thank you.