Roadkill in our fantasy world

June 18th, 2011

Idealism doesn't work.

In a perfect world, it would work. Unfortunately, the world's not perfect and never will be. This makes idealism something that is just dream material: something to wish for and something to be intellectualized.

Too often, I think people live in their own fantasies in order to stave off the harsh realities of what surrounds them. We have a problem in accepting reality and all the grim details that come with it. We can't let idealism distract us from what happens every moment, even the bad things: roadkill, failing grades, oil spills, Twilight, burglaries, prodigal sons, or Dr. Thunder. We have to remember that we live in a particular time and a particular place. For me it happens to be the United States in the year 2011. I cannot deny what happens and what exists.

When folks live in a denial of reality, they pick and choose problems and solutions. The issue is that these problems have existed, one way or the other, throughout the ages in all of humanity.

Today, they blame problems with personal communication on social media or texting or the phone. Today, they blame health problems on preservatives or canola oil or antibiotics. Today, they blame their bad finances on interest rates or the banks. Today, they blame the declining morals of society on rock music and the media and other influences.

But the solutions we come up with are only excuses to age-old problems: we have just as many problems communicating face-to-face. Eating organically doesn't add any more years to your life. Interest rates are only a problem if one is in debt. And music and the media are only verbatim reflections of the morals of the audience.

Perhaps it's something else. Does it boil down to passing the buck to someone else? Do we just not like to accept the fact that perhaps we're all to blame?

Maybe that's it. Maybe we just don't like to see the roadkill and know that one of us ran over the thing.