The future of making things on the internet

December 11th, 2018

Every day, the internet changes.

Back in the day, when being a webmaster was a viable career, anything with a .com attached had explosive potential.

Now, not quite so much. There are a lot of .coms out there. The threshold for administering a website is very low.

Trends come and go. It is possible to time the trends, if you're on top of things, but for the most part they waste away with the wind.

Although Discosloth started as a consulting company, we've been curious about the viability of transitioning into a product company. Making things rather than providing services. Over the past few months we've been laying the groundwork for this - by learning Python, researching tools, talking with people who've built SaaS products, seeing what has failed in the past.

Although things change, and although nobody can simply build an HTML site and go viral anymore, I think that the mere process of producing useful, profitable things will always be at the forefront of a successful business.

Whether you're building something by providing a service, or building something by literally creating a product, as long as you provide value to someone, the money will come.