The Wamelet

May 21st, 2013

I'm not sure if I've described a Wamelet before.

As anyone who actually knows me already knows, Waffle House is one of my favorite establishments. It's consistent across most of the United States, has atmosphere and personality, and is arguably the healthiest chain restaurant to eat at.

The Wamelet was invented and named by yours truly, and it's my normal order. For a short time, since it looks a bit more like a taco than an omelet, I considered calling it the Waco. But I'm neither a Branch Davidian nor a fertilizer plant, and since I'm not sure anything good has ever come out of Waco I decided to stick with Wamelet. The waitresses know it by now (I'm a frequent patron). It consists of:

Fold the waffle. Insert entire order of hashbrowns. Insert strips of bacon on top. Drizzle interior with syrup. Bask in heavenly glory.

With an endlessly filled cup of premium roast WaHo coffee, for under $5 the Wamelet will change your life.