VinylSwap, a web app for bartering and trading records

January 22nd, 2019

I've been working on a side project for the past couple of months.

VinylSwap is a web app that allows record enthusiasts to list their records for trade. Others can barter records from their own collection in trade for the other record. It's intentionally not a sales platform - you can use eBay for that. This is for enthusiasts who might have duplicate or unwanted records lying around, and would prefer to have a new one to listen to.

It's totally free, and there are no plans to ever make it cost. It's purely an enthusiast site.

I'm not much of a developer, so I started by fleshing out an idea and picking some of the core technologies to build it on. I knew a good developer with experience in Laravel, so I hired him to build the backend. I finished out the styling with some CSS, finished out the branding and UX, and that brings us up to today.

I've added a few dozen of my unwanted records to seed the website, and a few enthusiasts friends are doing so as well.

Check it out!